What is EFT?

EFT involves bringing your subconscious to the surface by focusing on specific issues whilst tapping on different parts of the body. With the subconscious revealed in this way, it is easier to see the origins of our problems, to tune in with the deep emotions, and to work through negative emotions and beliefs to find new positive ones. Many clients find that these sessions help them achieve a functional shift in their ability to cope with difficult situations that they would have previously struggled with. 

Why use EFT?

Most people will at some point find themselves in a situation where a past experience impairs their ability to cope with their current situation. While some people are able to clearly identify this past experience, others are only able to recognise that they experience a repeated pattern of behaviour. These behaviours may take the form of apathy, self-neglect, self-sabotage at work or through dysfunctional relationships with friends, partners or family. EFT can effectively help people identify the links between past experience and the present and, more importantly, helps them develop the tools to break these destructive patterns. For example, clients have effectively used EFT to resolve parenting issues, to prepare for interviews, to address phobias and before attending family events (including reunions, weddings and funerals).