What is Matrix Reimprinting?

Matrix Reimprinting is useful for people whose lives are affected and limited by traumatic past events. This technique takes EFT to a deeper level and aims to modify our physical as well as emotional responses to these painful memories. When a memory (especially a traumatic one) is recalled, the brain and body together experience it as though the situation is happening in the present. Sometimes these sensations are exacerbated by intense feelings of anger, shame, inadequacy or guilt that have become associated with the original memory. Working actively with these intense feelings, we use compassion and kindness with ourselves in that past memory, ultimately culminating in the separation of the past and the present.

With this technique we can actually put a new healed memory in place of the old traumatic one. This is really helpful; it stops the ‘triggering’ that can be so destructive in our lives when we unwittingly tune in to our past trauma. We transform a memory (even if it is patchy and incomplete) by bringing in a variety of resources to you in that memory, to help you to do or say what you may not have been able to do at the time. This in no way denies the past but allows it to be healed so that it can move gently into the past. We can start playing a different tune in the present, which has ramifications in all aspects of our lives. 

Why use Matrix Reimprinting?

On the NHS, techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitisation (EMDR) have been used to support people with severe psychological trauma such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). While insights and benefits may be gained into negative patterns of thinking with CBT, for some people it can be extremely difficult to move beyond the triggering that takes place when that traumatic memory is recalled. Like Matrix Reimprinting, EMDR works with the memory and can reduce the response to triggers. In EMDR, the memory is played like a movie and, bit by bit, the practitioner helps the person focus and work on the physical sensations experienced.

Matrix Reimprinting takes a different approach and aims to actually heal the past memory so that the triggers no longer cause a painful memory recall. Matrix Reimprinting is also effective in helping to change negative ways of thinking. Like other Matrix Reimprinting practitioners specialising in PTSD, I have observed that my clients find this work is generally faster and much less painful than other techniques.