Testimonials and Feedback from Previous Clients:

“Linda is a very compassionate and knowledgable practitioner, she listens and understands in a reassuring, non-judgmental way that seems impossible to find elsewhere, her methods may seem unusual but really do work. Linda has helped me greatly, her trust in me has enabled me to find the trust and compassion I need to help myself.”
Mother of two, Bristol.

“I have suffered from debilitating performance anxiety and a paralysing fear of letting people down since I was a teenager. In the run-up to an important interview, Linda worked with me specifically to separate the anxiety and panic feelings I experienced in response to events in the past from the upcoming interview. Even two years later, when I am in an interview or exam situation, I no longer have flashbacks or the accompanying nausea and shaking.”
35 year old, Somerset.

“I endured years of psychological sexual abuse as a teenager. Linda is helping me with body image and relationship issues. I feel freer to make good choices for myself, my self esteem is growing, and I am losing weight.”

“For several years I have been deeply concerned about my son. Recent events left me in acute shock. Linda’s EFT treatment gave me immediate relief, followed by a more balanced and wider perspective. I have reached a place of acceptance of myself and my son, as we are. The problems still exist but with Linda’s help we are much better equipped to work with them. I thought it might be difficult for each of us to be working with Linda, but she is clearly able to maintain our separate confidentialities.”
Bristol mother.

“I wanted to share how light and relaxed I feel…Also, interestingly, I have had a very sore throat for weeks and weeks. I get them a lot. Immediately after my time with you my throat simply wasn’t sore. I sang at the top of my voice for nearly 2 hours that afternoon in my car and still no sore throat… I feel more filled with joy.”
39 year old from North Somerset.

“I have always experienced Linda as a deeply intuitive, perceptive and boundaried practitioner who has understood the need to create and hold a safe space for me as her client. Her non-judgmental unconditional acceptance of me, especially when my value and belief system might be different from her own has been significant and transformational. Linda comes from a place of “knowing” that everyone is doing the best that they can. Before working with Linda, I was deeply skeptical for years regarding EFT, despite this, with Linda’s guidance I have found that it was a very effective practice. If you have any doubts I highly recommend that you give Linda and this process a try.”
Mother, Grandmother and recycled regenerated teenager!

“Linda is the most effective alternative practitioner that I have come across. She has a wide knowledge of different healing practices in addition to her experience as a GP. Furthermore, she is a highly intuitive, caring human-being, and a mother.”
50 year old, Bristol.

All testimonials have been posted with the express consent of the client.