What this is and isn’t

This is not ongoing counselling. Sometimes it can feel really important to build up a long term relationship with a counsellor for support and the space to talk through your suffering on a frequent basis. I believe this has its place, but is not what I offer in my sessions. I expect my work to either suit people who have already done some psychological ‘work’ on their issues but are still finding themselves ‘stuck’; or people who do not wish, or find it too traumatising, to talk through everything in detail.

This is not a medical consultation. Although I have an understanding on a wide variety of health issues with my medical background, I am not practising medicine in these sessions. I am not here to diagnose your medical conditions but to support you in working with the information you already have.

For example, I will not be measuring your blood pressure or prescribing any medication for you, but if you have been told you have hypertension (high blood pressure) we can look at your problems surrounding this medical condition. These may include unexpressed anger, relationships with food or control issues, to name just a few examples. We can work with these underlying patterns while you remain under the care of your GP who will continue to monitor your hypertension.

This is not a cure for all known ills. I am happy to work with people on a wide variety of medical issues. Many people find that having a serious illness brings up strong emotions that affect their ability to cope with the illness and, in some cases, even its progression. In a session, my aim will be to help you to understand yourself better and to try and relieve suffering rather than ‘cure’ everything. Working together, profound improvements in the quality of your daily life can be achieved.

I have left General Practice now and so I have decided to give up my Licence to practice Medicine, although I remain registered as a doctor. In practical terms this means I am not licensed to prescribe medicines.